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The Ball is in Your Court

Find Your Rose

There was this girl, her name is Rose.

Rose worked during the summer time in a Cafe.

One day Rose met a guy named Chris.

Chris was dealing with a lot at times and some would say he comes with a lot of baggage.

Little did Chris know, a person like Rose would make that baggage feel less heavy at times.

Chris saw Rose for the first time and it felt like the movies where the moment paused and everything stood still.

As Rose looked at Chris, a connection instantly sparked.

Chris had a thousand things running through his head, wanting to say something that would start a conversation between them two.

Chris froze, stuck in the moment.

To people to know Chris, he comes off as a very funny and outgoing individual that isn’t afraid to be friends with a stranger.

Rose didn’t know this side of Chris and thought he was a shy kid afraid to speak.

He was shy but only to her.

Chris never was like this to any one else he met. He knew something was different.

Rose is different than everyone else, Chris knew it as soon as he saw her for the first time.

She would be different than everyone else to him.

Chris thought Rose was beautiful.

The bright yellow shirt would light up a room followed by her dark brown eyes and a smile that could kill someone.

Nothing has ever been perfect, but there are somethings that are pretty close to it.

Rose looked perfect that day.

If you look perfect, everyone expects you to act perfect and nothing less.

When someone can make you feel warm and bring the best side out of you, that is as perfect as they come.

Little did Chris know that Rose was the hardest working person in the world.

She had a sense of humor that matched Chris to a T and she’s the sweetest thing next to a Apple Pie made by Grandma.

Rose is just what Chris needed at that point in Chris’s life.

He was lonely and dealt with personal problems but Rose made all of those problems go away.

Chris didn’t know what to do with his life but he knew one thing.

Knowing Rose for a couple weeks that he had a friend.

After nights of getting ice cream after Rose got done with work, they would talk on the phone for hours.

Phone calls turned into laughs and laughs turned into conversations that only those two talked about.

Chris’s love for Rose was deep and he wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

Rose wasn’t ready for that due to heartbreak in her past.

Those long nights turned into more fights and they went their separate ways.

Chris didn’t think he lost a lot because he had everything else in his life going great.

Rose gave Chris the confidence and the love that he was missing.

He used that to bond with friends and he didn’t have that loneliness anymore.

After a period of time with no communication, Rose and Chris found each other again.

They didn’t know what they still meant to each other.

Chris was in a good spot in his life and Rose looked like she was thriving in hers.

After some more fights, a lot of phone calls and more laughs, Chris and Rose are at a good spot right now.

Chris is just waiting for Rose to open the door and let Chris love her unconditionally.

I’m still looking for my Rose. I don’t know if I will ever find her.

Some days I think I will never find my Rose.

Other days I feel like I already found my Rose.

I know who my Rose is.

I don’t know if there is another Chris waiting for her.

Maybe I am her Chris.

I know she is the Rose for me.

Do you think you will ever find your Rose?


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