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The Worse Fan in NFL History

If your brother can win a Superbowl and throw 50 yards down the field, does that mean you can act like an absolute douchebag?

This question was for one person and one person only, Jackson Mahomes.

For me to even acknowledge Jackson Mahomes, he must have done something really stupid. I’m not talking stupid like dump your drink on someone after Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens beat your brother’s team.

I am talking stupid as dancing on the memorial of a beloved player, son, and teammate of many. Better yet, Mahomes did his tik tok dance on Sean Taylor’s memorial WHILE HIS FAMILY WAS IN THE STANDS. 

Mahomes is lucky that Sean Taylor just doesn’t come down from heaven and tackle him like the punter Brian Moorman in the 2006 Pro Bowl. If you haven’t seen that hit, just be glad you weren’t on the receiving end of it like Moorman was. 

Even if Jackson Mahomes apologized for the tik tok dance he did on Sean Taylor’s memorial, it still doesn’t cover up how ignorant of an act that was.

Twitter first hand roasted Mahomes if you search up his name anywhere on social media. The only good part of this is his classless acts and tik tok dances after games have taken away people from talking about the 13 interceptions his brother has thrown in his past 14 games.

Jackson Mahomes caught heat earlier this year when he was filmed on video throwing his water on a Ravens fan that was taunting him after Baltimore beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 of the 2021 NFL Season. Jackson Mahomes was alongside Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews.

Matthews and Mahomes have complained numerous times to the media about how they are treated by opposing fans……I truly wonder why they are getting boo’d?

On a serious note, dancing on a memorial? Like dude, seriously grow up. I get that it might be fun to be a tik tok dancer or to be Patrick Mahomes brother but the actions he did Sunday at FedEx Field crossed a different line. I don’t know how Patrick Mahomes tolerates this week in and week out. Even the area was roped off in all the pictures which makes it even worse. On twitter he later stated “ I meant no disrespect to him or his family.” I hope his views are so important that the backlash was all worth it.


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