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Ranking the Quarterbacks Playing in the Divisional Round

There are currently some serious quarterback talent left in the NFL playoffs. As the Divisional round starts on Jan. 22nd, I thought it would be good to do a ranking before I give you my winners of the games this week. Let’s see where I rank each teams respective Quarterbacks.

8. Ryan Tannehill

Despite the Titans losing Henry, Ryan Tannehill has lead the Tennessee Titans to the No. 1 seed in the AFC and winning the AFC South. Tannehill has thrown for 21 touchdowns and 14 interceptions this year, not so hot for a No.1 seed team. He is just not a quarterback I would want to take snaps for my team in the playoffs. Coach Vrabel has to preach to Tannehill about playing clean these playoffs if the Titans want any shot to make the Super Bowl.

7. Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy G is one of the quarterbacks that you trust taking snaps for you on Sundays but you always know there will be limitations. Garoppolo has actually thrown 5 INT in the last 3 games this year. Jimmy G is very capable of winning playoffs game, in fact he was the QB for the San Francisco 49ers during their 2020 Super Bowl run. If the 49ers want any chance to win this game in Green Bay, he has to play some clean football.

6. Joe Burrow

Burrow is having a great year but all fairy tales come to an end at some point. Despite Burrow having 34 touchdowns, he has thrown 14 interceptions this year. Is Burrow just relying on his young studs around him or is he going to be a legit quarterback in the upcoming years? Burrow has Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins and AP-2nd team Ja’Marr Chase around him for the next couple years, do they make some serious noise in the AFC?

5. Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is another QB that I look at his 17 interceptions this season and just can’t get past it. The veteran has lead the LA Rams to the divisional round and won the NFC West in his first year with the team. He has thrown 41 touchdowns while winning 12 games this season. I think that Stafford is good enough that if he is playing his best football then he is capable of beating Tom Brady and the Bucs this weekend.

4. Patrick Mahomes

Yes you read that right, the undeniable arm of Pat Mahomes is No. 4 on my list. Mahomes is just more prone to turn the ball over this year than past years. He has thrown 6 more INT this year and he just isn’t on the same level then I feel like he was during his MVP campaigns the past couple years. The Buffalo Bill defense is legit and I feel like if this Chiefs offense lead by Mahomes can get passed this juggernaut secondary, a Super Bowl appearance in undeniable.

3. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, just I don’t know if he’s the greatest at 44 years old and especially without Chris Godwin this playoffs. I think the with his experience I would want him over Mahomes and the others above but in Year 22, this just isn’t the same Tom Brady. I think it would be ridiculous if Brady won another Super Bowl. I will not be the one to count him out, but I think his window of winning championships is finally over.

2. Josh Allen

Josh Allens Super Bowl window just opened this year. The Chiefs are not playing like their championship winning ways and I believe the Bills could potentially represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year. Josh Allen thrown a remarkable 4,400+ yards and 36 TDs and demolished the Patriots 47-17 in the Wild Card game. Allen had 5 TD’s last week which means he’s only 6 passing TD away from holding the record for most passing TD’s in a single postseason.

1. Aaron Rodgers

Discount double check is still the best QB in the NFL. I said that in the beginning of the year and my opinion hasn’t changed at all as the 2021 NFL season has progressed. When Aaron Rodgers is on…. HE IS ON! The dynamic duo between him and Davante Adams is the best without a doubt in the league. Rodgers had an incredible 37 touchdowns to his 4 INT (9.25 TD per INT) which is the lowest interceptions thrown by any starting quarterback this year.


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