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Should the Colts trade for Lamar Jackson?

The Indianapolis Colts are in a very unique position in the offseason before entering the 2023-2024 NFL season under new head coach Shane Steichen. 

While the Colts have had a big problem finding their franchise QB over the past few seasons, this year could be different. 

The Colts can choose now to find their QB during the NFL Draft on April 27th or they can reach out to other teams to acquire a franchise quarterback via trade. 

One quarterback that is looking for a new home is former MVP Lamar Jackson.

Jackson publicly tweeted that he requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens earlier this March after what it seems to be a contract stand-off. The Ravens gave Jackson the non-exclusive franchise tag, which means the trade return would include two first round picks in consecutive years.

Despite the Colts 4-12-1 record last season, the team’s biggest need is a quarterback and I believe Jackson would fulfill the worth of two first round picks for this team. There are a couple different ways that Indy could improve their team in the draft while still acquiring Lamar Jackson.

The Colts have the option of trading down from their #4 pick to accumulate more draft capital while still sending a ‘23 and ‘24 1st round pick for the former MVP. Another option would be the Colts draft a defensive person at #4 pick and ride out the 2023 draft without selecting a quarterback, and then trade for Jackson after the 2023 draft leaving the Ravens with ‘24 and ‘25 1st round picks.

Jackson is a breath of fresh air for the Horseshoe faithfuls, not dragging Phillip Rivers out there every Sunday or struggling throughout the season with 2-3 different starters like 2022. 

If the Indianapolis Colts want to get back to their winning ways like they did when Manning was there, acquiring Lamar Jackson and letting him sling it in the blue and white is the best chance Indianapolis has in the near future.


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