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The Ball is in Your Court

Dear Kobe

It’s 8/24 or better known as Kobe Bryant day. One of Kobe Bryant’s most famous accomplishments off the court was winning an Emmy for “Dear Basketball”. Kobe was a very inspiring athlete and proved that if you put the work and put your mind to it, you can achieve anything you want. So I thought it was only fitting that I write my own “Dear Kobe” to the late great Kobe Bean Bryant.

Dear Kobe

It’s your day Kobe

8/24 is that day Kobe

You would have turned 42

But I’m gonna tell the story

About how I know you

Dear Kobe

Thank you for making yellow and purple cool

Thank you for not going to school

Paving a way for kids to go straight to the draft

Endless hours in an empty gym perfecting your craft

Dear Kobe

We deserved a finals matchup with you and Lebron

But what about that moment you gave the game winning shot to Ron

Dear Kobe

I watched you pass Jordan to be at 3rd all time

I wish you would have been at 1st sometime

We were waiting to watch you pass Jabbar

But instead you brought out the best in teammates like Fisher, Pau, and Lamar

Dear Kobe

I wish you and Nash teamed up 5 years before

You would have been so dominate having another star on the floor

Everyone knew Dwight wasn’t that fit

I miss the epic matchups that you wouldn’t quit

Winning Finals against the Pistons, 76ers, Pacers, Nets

Going in the paint against Duncan and Garnett

Those Celtics matchups against Rondo, Pierce, and Ray

I could watch that Game 7 all day

Dear Kobe

Watching you score 60 against the Jazz

Or the highlights with Shaq before you guys clashed

I just wish I was old enough to watch you put 81 against the Raptors

But I’ll always know why your name is forever in the rafters

From a 17 year old kid with nothing but a dream and a ball

To a 5 time champ with a red carpet to the Hall

Your grind inspired everyone to push themselves to the limit

Just like the way you played every single minute

The mamba mentality made every athlete seem like achieving their dream was so easy

Rest In Peace to you and Gigi


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  1. Awesome Brayden!


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