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Hot takes are everywhere online and especially on Twitter. A hot take is an opinion that is usually not popular but it is something that you strongly believe in. Many hot takes are posted or said out loud just because of how controversial they are.

I definitely have some of my own and my friends do too. Here is a list of people who are knowledgable about sports and some of their own hot takes. Which one do you disagree with the most?

Cameron Ruel : Michael Jordan would be just like Demar Derozan if he played in the NBA today.

My reaction: Jordan was too dominant and would have adapted to any era of the NBA. He was also 10 times a the better finisher and mid range shooter than Derozan.

Kristian Epps: The Boston Celtics will win the 2021-2022 NBA Championship and Jayson Tatum will be named MVP.

My reaction: Celtics have some good young players but to win the East is a stretch. You have to go through Philly, Brooklyn and the Bucks. I think that’s a task that is not achievable for the C’s. Jayson Tatum will be in the MVP convo some year in the future but not next year!

Luke Hamman: Tom Brady is the GOAT.

My reaction: No argument from me in this take. Brady’s resume speaks for itself.

Cole Hissong: Jordan would have never won a championship without Scottie Pippen.

My reaction: I disagree but he definitely wouldn’t have won 6 without Pippen. Scottie was a top 5 player in that era and was a perfect running mate for Mike. I still believe Jordan would have found a way to win at least one ring.

Niko Scarlaots: The New York Mets will win the National League East this season.

My reaction: The Mets are only a few games back but the Braves are playing great ball so far without their young star Acuña. It’ll be a dog fight in the next couple weeks.

Arrick Wilson: The Los Angeles Lakers are NOT a superteam.

My reaction: I just don’t see how they are not. I agree that the bench is somewhat weak and the squad is on the older side. AD and Bron are top 10 players in this league when fully healthy and Lebron is still a top 5 player going into next year. Add in a ferocious Russell Westbrook that was 1st in the league in the assists last season. Lakers are my favorite to come out of the West this upcoming season.

Jaylin Moffit: The Cleveland Browns will beat the Chiefs on Week 1 this NFL season

My reaction: The Brownies will have a very good year but beating the Chiefs to open the season will not happen. Patrick Mahomes is coming off the worse game of his life in last years Super Bowl loss to Tampa Bay. I truly believe the Chiefs will win this game comfortably.

Adam Creveling: The MLB should not allow teams to use the “shift” for a defensive advantage.

My reaction: It’s definitely a situation that needs handled by the MLB due to it being used on about 50% of batters. I just don’t think they can change anything right now unless they have a perfect solution to it but I don’t know what that is. The “shift” is so bland of a concept that what is the resolution? Not letting the shortstop or 2nd baseman come across 2nd base for a fielding advantage? I don’t know but it’s interesting to think about.

Walker Elliott: Oklahoma and Texas leaving the Big 12 and going to the SEC was a bad move.

My reaction: Recruiting purposes I can see why these schools would move to the SEC and money is another reason. Being with the big dogs in the South is a terrible move for their playoff and championship aspirations in the future.

Camden Welch: The Cleveland Browns will win the AFC this year.

My reaction: The Browns are in my top 5 teams in the AFC but winning it will certainly be a challenge. Teams that will give Baker and the Cleveland faithful some troubles will be the Ravens, Titans, Bills, and Chiefs. In Lloyd Christmas’ famous words “so you’re saying there’s a chance?”

Jacob Stuart: The Jordan Bulls never had a Big 3.

My reaction: In my opinion, I disagree with this take the most out of any on this list. The Bulls in this era won 3 championships when Rodman, Scottie, and Jordan shared the floor. Dennis was the best rebounder in the league while Scottie was a top 5 player and Jordan was the best in the sport at that time by a mile. The best Big 3 in NBA history.

Jake Estes: Jacob DeGrom is the best pitcher in MLB history.

My reaction: DeGrom is skill wise one of the most talented to ever play and he’s only 33 so my opinion might change. I’ll stick to the flamethrower Randy Johnson and his 5 Cy Young awards with a World Series ring.

Lukas Montgomery: The NIL should limit how much revenue college athletes can make. They shouldn’t be allowed to be millionaires while being in school still.

My reaction: I can see why you would want to limit the revenue that college players can make. On the other side when college athletes who make good money give back for example helping their community out or walk on teammates pay for tuition…it’s hard to stop that moment from happening.

Simon Blair: Prime Derrick Rose was better than prime Russell Westbrook.

My reaction: They both have one MVP award so I will take their stats from those seasons.Westbrook averaged 3 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists more than Rose per game on his MVP campaign while also becoming the only player to average a triple double since Oscar. I’ll take my boy Westbrook.

Cooper Parrott: Bill Russell wouldn’t succeed in the NBA nowadays.

My reaction: I can see why you would say that but there are guys like Gobert, Steven Adams, and Nurkic that play like Russell in today’s league and not nearly as talented as Big Bill.

Jarred Stein: Liangelo Ball deserves an NBA roster spot.

My reaction: The Hornets will have a nice pair of Balls on their team next season. That is a fact!

Brevon Polachek: Luka Doncic will never win an NBA Championship.

My reaction: I stand behind this statement. Luka is a phenomenal player but the way the Mavericks let Luka play will never allow for a 2nd scoring option to flourish under that system.

Kaleb Houser: Drew Brees is the greatest quarterback ever.

My reaction: If Montana, Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Elway and Farve never played in the NFL then I can get behind this statement. Brees has 1 SB win and 1x First Team All-Pro. You can’t be the greatest with those two achievements only happening 1 time.

Blaine Wheeler: Justin Jefferson will be a top 5 wide receiver this NFL season.

My reaction: Jefferson is definitely good but you have to remember guys like Hopkins, Diggs, Adams, Evans, Jones, Hill, and Thielen are still in the league.

Nathan Keener: Kevin Durant will be on the NBA All Defensive 1st team next season

My reaction: There are too many good defensive wings in the league, I don’t think this will happen but it’s not impossible. Kevin Durant will be the defensive backbone for the Nets front court this season.

My hot take: Allen Iverson was an overrated basketball player, despite being a big part of African American culture and a global icon. His MVP season and taking that 76ers team was his greatest accomplishment of his career. I would personally rank Wade, Harden, Kobe, Mike, Reggie and Drexler in their prime than AI.

Thank you guys for reading one of my favorite articles I’ve made that’s been posted! I appreciate and love all the support. Check out the podcast on YouTube for my newest podcast with Futuristic!


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