Top 10 Quarterbacks

  1. Tom Brady

The GOAT has the top spot secured on this list until he finally decides to hang up the cleats, which definitely isn’t this year. Even at 44, he is still 2nd in the league in passing yards and 1st in touchdown passes. Though the Buccaneers fell last week to the Rams, look for them to bounce back and continue Brady’s reign of terror in the NFL. 

2. Josh Allen

Coming out of college as an unknown from Wyoming, Allen has put the NFL world on notice heading into year 4. Fresh off a 13-3 season and having his team a game away from the Super Bowl, he isnt of to the blazing start that he was last year, but is still holding his own coming in at 12th on the list in passing yard, 5th in TD passes, well combining 89 yards and a TD on the ground. Look for the big man to get hot and get the Bills rolling to the AFC East crown again. 

3. Patrick Mahomes

People won’t be happy about this one, but deal with it. Patrick being at 3 isn’t a knock, he is without doubt uber talented with a blessed arm. I just think he has been put in the PERFECT spot where we really don’t know if he can have success without Kelce, Hill, and Reid. The top 2 guys on this list have had success with far lesser talent. 6th in yards and 2nd in touchdowns, the Chiefs offense is clicking with him behind center, but can he keep those numbers up with a mediocre O-Line? 

4. Aaron Rodgers

Entering year 14 as a starter for the Packers, Rodgers is looking to build on last year’s MVP campaign of 48 TD passes and take the Packers to the promised land. After the shaky offseason with the Pack front office, he’s back and geared up ready to go with Davante Adams and newly re-signed RB Aaron Jones for possibly one last run. If it truly is The Last Dance, expect him to go out the right way with another fantastic season. 

5. Deshaun Watson

Given his situation with the Texans and his legal status, Deshaun Watson has not stepped on the field this year and might not the whole year, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a top 5 QBs in all of football. Coming out of Clemson he was reunited with fellow Tiger Deandre Hopkins, but that really has been the only reliable offensive weapon he has had as Hopkins is now in Arizona. All that chaos around him hasn’t stopped Watson from being a 3 time Pro Bowler in only 4 years though, and he will only improve with a better situation, which will be coming soon. 

6. Kyler Murray

Electric. That word describes Kyler Murray game perfectly.  Standing at a mighty 5 foot 10, Murray has all the athleticism in the world to run around and make a defense look silly, but it really is his arm and accuracy that sets him apart from the other athletic QBs. Going into Arizona as the 1st pick, he was another guy who was put in an iffy situation with a bad O-Line, but as the line has improved so has Murray. Expect that to stay the same, because if he has protection you simply can’t stop him. The rise of K1 is only getting started. 

7. Russell Wilson

Heading into year 10, Russell Wilson has started every game in his NFL career and been a true star since day one in Seattle. Another “Midget” QB just like Murray above, their games are also very similar as Wilson provides dual threat ability, but he also has one of the most accurate arms in the league. Out of the gates last year he was off to a MVP start before falling off at the end and that is the only reason he isn’t higher up the list. 

8. Lamar Jackson

What in the world is a RB doing on a list of QBs?? All jokes aside, Lamar jackson is one of the most lethal athletes in all of the NFL, and he just happens to play QB. We have seen very few like him play the position like he does, but we have to learn to appreciate who he is rather than who he isn’t. He isn’t going to drop back 40 times a game to throw, even 30 is pushing it, but knowing he isn’t going to be doing that and you still can’t stop his ability to run the ball, it’s truly impressive. The Ravens are dealing with a bunch of injuries on the offensive side of the ball, but they get a major weapon back this week in WR Rashod Bateman that can only help out Lamar. 

9. Matt Stafford

Finally saved from the Football Hell that is the Detroit Lions, Stafford is off to a blazing start with Sean McVay and the Rams team and he will only continue to climb this list for me as time passes. Only having 4 winning seasons in his first 12 years, many never gave him the credit he deserved in Detroit. Somehow being ONLY a 1 time Pro Bowler, the 33 year old still has many many years left to show off his greatness in LA and prove the doubters in Detroit wrong. 

10. Dak Prescott

Coming in at the last spot is Dak Prescott, and that isn’t a knock on him, more so it just shows how top heavy this position is. Blessed with a top 3 receiving core, Prescott has shown in his six seasons he is capable of putting up gigantic stats to win games, but the Cowboys this year have shown more of a balanced attack to take some of the pressure off him and his newly fixed Ankle. If America’s Team’s defense can keep it together and actually slow down opposing offenses, the respect for Dak will only go up as will his ranking in this top 10


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