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The 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL

With the 2021 season going into Week 5, there is already discussion if quarterbacks are underperforming or if they are playing better than expected.

There’s so much depth at the position that plenty of good players will be left off any top 10 list. Veterans Ryan Tanehill and Kirk Cousins could justifiably make the cut. Baker Mayfield and Justin Herbert might be primed to become Pro Bowl-caliber quarterbacks this year.

A notable name not in this list is Deshaun Watson. Just to set the record straight, Watson would 100% be on my top 10 QB list with his talents and ability to make plays with the ball. Let’s see if you agree on the other 10 names I have listed.

10. Dak Prescott

This spot is hard to give to Dak because of him missing all of last year and there all guys like Baker Mayfield, Kirk Cousins, Justin Herbert and Ryan Tanehill that didn’t make the list. Dak’s best season was in 2019 he threw 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns while only throwing 11 interceptions. Dak also won 2016 Offensive Player of the Year and has been to 2 Pro Bowls so it shows that he is respected around the league enough to be placed in the top 10.

9. Derek Carr 

A lot of people have mixed emotions about Derek Carr. Some people really like him and some people see him as an inconsistent guy with a great arm. Derek Carr has been cruising on since his 2016 12-4 season but he just plays in a tough division. In 2016, his clearly best season, he threw just short of 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns while just giving away 6 interceptions. Carr has shown he has the clutch gene because during that season he became the 1st player in NFL history to throw 5 game winning touchdowns in the 4th quarter/OT in a single season.

8. Kyler Murray

Murray has come on strong this year as an early MVP candidate with 1,000 yards already and 7 touchdowns in his first 3 games. He also can do it all by completing plays outside of the pocket and extending plays using his legs. That is a main factor that separates Murray from everyone on this list (outside of Lamar Jackson) and is a reason why defenses will hate playing this guy for the next 10 years.

7. Matthew Stafford

Stafford was given a change of scenery after being traded to the Los Angeles Rams for Jared Goff and a numerous number of picks. Stafford has already made his mark this year throwing 9 touchdowns with only 1 interception. He also has thrown for 940+ yards while beating 3 teams that were in the playoffs last year, including former Super Bowl Championship winner Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Rams are the best undefeated team left and the sky’s the limit for Stafford this year. 

6. Josh Allen

Josh Allen was among the NFL’s top 5 in passing yards (4,544) and touchdowns (37) last season. If Aaron Rodgers didn’t come on strong at the tail end of last season, Allen would have an MVP trophy at his house right now. I would not be shocked if this guy presents the Bills Mafia with an NFL Championship during his tenure in Buffalo.

5. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is looking to take the Seahawks to the promised land like he did in 2014. In 3 games, Wilson has passed for 7 touchdowns with 895 yards and completed 73% of his passes. The Seahawks record is 2-2 but I can’t hold it against Wilson as Seattle’s defense has allowed 30 points in Week 2 and 3. Wilson has proven that he is one of the best in the NFL and I expect nothing less but a stand out year from the dual threat superstar.

4. Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has gotten some flack for not having a strong arm downfield or running too much but he just silences the critics time after time again. Jackson is currently leading the league in yards per completion and yards per carry, no player has ever led both categories in a single season. People look at Justin Tucker’s 66 yard field goal that was very impressive but Lamar converted a 4th and 19 with 25 seconds left to make that play happen. Lamar has shown he can be clutch in these situations and is very underrated after being through all the criticism.

3. Tom Brady

Will this guy ever retire? The all time leader in passing yards just seems to never get out of the conversation when we discuss the top 3 quarterbacks in the game.

2 . Patrick Mahomes

Are some football fans right that Patrick Mahomes has all this talent around him and that is where the success has come from? I don’t think so but I am sure some people do. Mahomes has the Chiefs 2-2 on the season after losing a tough game against the Chargers and beating the Eagles. The Chiefs have lost 3 out of their past 5 games and I couldn’t honestly tell you the last time that has happened. Even though he is a once in a generational talent, Mahomes can’t have his squad behind too much in the AFC West because of the Raiders and Broncos exceeding their expectations this season.

1. Aaron Rodgers

Are you shocked Brady or Mahomes isn’t in this spot? Well you shouldn’t be. Everytime you doubt Rodgers or put him in question, he simply fires back 10x harder. Rodgers marched the Packers downfield that resulted in a 37 second game winning drive with no time outs. Rodgers talent is out of this world and despite Week 1, I feel like Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL today.


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